Russia criticises the United States’ ‘illogical’ visit with an aircraft carrier to Norway

Oslo: The planned visit by a US aircraft carrier to Oslo was harshly criticised on Tuesday by the Russian embassy in Norway as a “illogical and harmful” display of power.

This week, the USS General Ford, a 337-meter (1,106-foot) vessel, is supposed to dock in the Norwegian capital.

Timur Chekanov, spokesman for the Russian embassy, wrote to AFP via email, “There are no issues in the North that require a military solution, nor issues that require outside intervention.”

Such displays of force, he continued, “seem illogical and harmful considering that Oslo admits that Russia poses no direct military threat to Norway.”
The nuclear-powered, first-in-class aircraft carrier has a displacement of more than 100,000 tonnes.

The ship left Norfolk on its “first combat deployment,” according to a statement released by the US Navy in early May. This came after a previous, shorter deployment of two months in the autumn of 2022.

Norwegian Defence Minister Bjorn Arild Gramme said, “The fact that a new aircraft carrier is now making its first visit to Norwegian waters is very positive for our cooperation with the Americans,” while on a visit to the enormous warship.

Following the invasion of Ukraine, relations between NATO member Norway and Russia, with whom the Scandinavian nation shares a border in the Far North, have drastically deteriorated.

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