From Alien Attack to Solar Tsunami, Baba Vanga's SHOCKING predictions for 2023

many of the events that would occur in the future have been foreseen by the Bulgarian mystic Baba Vanga, also known as Nostradamus Woman. By the year 5079, she is said to have foretold, the world would come to a definitive conclusion. She had projected a bleak and demolished 2023 for the next year.

– Earth's orbit will "alter" in 2023, according to Baba Vanga's prophecies. Due to the delicate equilibrium between Earth and its cosmic environment, even a little perturbation may have far-reaching effects on Earth's temperature. In such case, the situation would be quite worrisome.

– Humans will be manufactured in labs by 2023. Parents-to-be have the option of customising their unborn child's appearance and traits before they're even born. Once this is found, the issue of surrogacy will be solved, and the process of giving birth will be under human control. The future's people, according to Vanga, will be born in labs and not at home.

– If a power plant were to explode, the resulting poisonous clouds would likely blanket the whole continent of Asia in a thick blanket of smog. Serious infections spread to other nations as a result of this shift.